About Us

 Marlene Lueck and Melissa Lander, both parents of special needs children have endured the struggles that is the reality of being lost in the Regional Center System. After learning about Self Determination they were passionate about creating Guiding Gems. Chelsea and Shelby have worked with the two families for years, were a natural fit for the task. They are a team inspired by unique experiences working with families with special needs, and strongly believe that all people deserve the right to create their life the way they want. By creating Guiding Gems, it not only creates the opportunity for families to receive the support they need, but also a chance for Chelsea and Shelby to pursue their dreams of making a difference for families in need. 



Shelby worked as a behavioral therapist for 4 years before joining the Guiding Gems family. She also has worked with Co Founder, Melissa Lander’s family and has seen how supportive services has helped her child succeed. Through her years of working in the field of special needs, she has seen families struggle with getting all the support they need. Providing families with the opportunities to get all needed resources has been a driving force in her career.


Chelsea worked as a respite provider for Co-Founder, Marlene Lueck’s family for over 4 years. She has continuously seen the struggles of the family to find the right kind of resources that Marlene's child needed. She was a swim instructor for 2 years, and had the opportunity to teach kids with developmental disabilities. Showing families the opportunities that are available, and seeing the unique desires of their loved ones become a reality keeps Chelsea inspired to help.